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Auctions, Art Sale, Aukcje, Handel Sztuką

Auctions, Art Sale - Aukcje, Handel Sztuką

indoor auctions, on-line auctions; paintings, sculptures, prints, crafts, Comments: it a place where you will not see any cutting-edge artists. It is better you choose another place.

indoor auctions; aukcje

on-line sale and bidding aukcje on-line, licytacje

on-line art auctions, aukcje on-line

indoor auctions; salon i dom aukcyjny

comments: In former communistic times most of clients of DESA were Polish and Soviet commies and foreigners who just vistited Poland.

indoor auctions, dom aukcyjny;

comments: too old paintings

indoor auctions, dom aukcyjny

comments: no cutting-edge artists, old fashion paintings;

indoor auctions, art sale, gallery aukcje, sprzedaż sztuki, galeria

on-line auctions, aukcje on-line

Śląski Dom Aukcyjny - Silesian Auction House

indoor auctions, aukcje

Nautilus -

antiques, indoor auctions, gallery

antyki, aukcje, galeria

Tomasz Laczynski Gallery of Glass

art sale, private gallery

glass sculptures